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Points of view

Each point of view achieves a different purpose. See the table for the definition of the three points of view and examples for each.

Person point of View ​PurposeExamples​
1st Person Pronouns:
​I, me, mine, my, myself;
We, us, our, ours, ourselves ​
Narrate your own experience from your perspective or your group’s perspective.​

I transferred to UHD to pursue a bachelor’s degree in communications.

We transferred to UHD to pursue bachelor’s degrees.

2nd Person Pronouns:
​You, your, yours, yourself​
Address the reader directly.​

You can volunteer at community gardens to increase food access for underserved communities.

Vote in the midterm elections in November.

3rd Person Pronouns:
​He, his, him, himself
She, her, hers, herself
It, its, itself
They, their, theirs, themselves ​
Narrate what other people say or do and the events that transcribe from a neutral standpoint.​

The student said he got vaccinated against COVID-19 at the Jan. 20 on-campus vaccination event.

​Not a single senator answered questions from the press, according to the AP News writer​.

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