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Members of the SGA at UHD
Fig.1 - SGA officers present at the second general assembly held on campus on February 3rd - From left to right: Kassandra Aparicio, Chalsey Nelson, Jason Lillie, Mario Torres, Shay Tatum, Ameena Rasheed, Xiomara Herrera, and Camila Sandoval. - Photo credit Indira Zaldivar

SGA stresses attendance, welcomes members

By Jema Pantoja

The Student Government Association’s second general assembly concluded quickly due to the lack of attendance. Many of its members expressed concern that attendance has become an issue.

Vice President Jason Lillie said, “If you are a part of SGA, you have to come. We need to get the important things passed for the over 14,000 students that are part of the University of Houston-Downtown community.”

SGA apologized to students that attended the second general assembly. The members that did attend the second general assembly spoke briefly of upcoming plans, which included hosting “Breakfast of Champions” alongside other college’s student government associations. The breakfast will take place March 25th in room A300.

At their third general assembly, thanks to having enough senators, SGA inducted two new members, followed by the reinstating of two old members. Amir Merchant, a freshman finance major, was nominated and voted as senator-at-large. Zizi Kanybire, an international business major, was also nominated and voted as senator-at-large.

The reinstated members were Emerson, Romero and Gerri Valle. Romero, who represents the College of Business and is majoring in Marketing, was promoted from the position of Senior Senator to Chief Justice. Valle, who is a graduate student, was promoted from Executive Secretary to Director of Community Outreach.

Last updated 4/10/2020 8:34 AM