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Next Steps​

If you are ready to join our paper, you are welcome to preview a summary of what the next steps are in the section below.​;

The first step is to fill out the Application form. The application form is non-competitive, and all current UHD students can fill it out to express they want to join. The position selected does not restrict your ability to contribute in other areas; it just gives us an idea of how many students are interested in each area. 


Please provide a personal email address on the Application form as this is needed in the second step.


The form gives us the basic contact information needed to add you to our weekly meetings, SharePoint site, and email communications. ​

In order to contribute, we must start your paperwork with the University of Houston System (UHS) so you can get paid!


  1. The Business Manager emails your information to Student Affairs.  
  2. A Student Affairs representative will send you a link to the registration form to your personal email address (the one you provided in the Application form). 
  3. Access the link 
  4. Complete the registration form and submit form to UHS. 
  5. Forward the email from UHS which confirms that you have been approved as a vendor to the Business Manager and Editor.  

The email reads: “Your vendor registration request has been approved by the University of Houston System.”

You can start attending meetings and receive The Dateline communications right away!  

We have weekly meetings every Wednesday at 11:30, which are hosted simultaneously over Zoom and in The Dateline office (S-260). If you cannot attend the meetings, we simply ask that you stay up to date by reading our communications via email and group chat. ​

  1. Express to the Editor that you want to contribute for an Issue (Issues are bi-weekly editions of the newspaper). You may sign up to get assignments for any Issue that The Dateline publishes (usually we publish 8 issues every semester). 
  2. Get assigned work (article, artwork, photograph) by the Editor or pitch an idea to the Editor.  
  3. Submit on SharePoint by the Issue deadline. 

 All submissions are subject to editing. The senior Editor makes final decisions for all publications.  

Contributors can get paid for each contribution that is printed. Student workers and alumni are not eligible for payment. Invoices SHOULD BE paid within 2-4 weeks, but it may take longer.

If you are paid to work anywhere on the UHD campus, you are not eligible to be paid for your work with The Dateline. You are still welcome to contribute to the paper.​​

Payment Process

​Students Affairs digitally records invoices into UHD payroll system
​Invoices are sent to Provost for review and signature
​Invoices are sent to UHD Employment Services and Operations for review
​Invoices are sent to UHD Accounts Payable where payment is performed every two weeks
​I​nvoices are then sent to UH for disbursement to student/vendor


Last updated 4/18/2022 9:31 AM