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How Can I Contribute?

Joining The Dateline team is as easy as determining how you want to contribute! There is no experience necessary and no application process. The only requirement is that you are a current UHD student and process the required forms to receive payment.

Students can contribute to The Dateline as much or as little as desired. Students are paid per each submission printed, so no ongoing commitment is necessary. Once the application is submitted, simply attend the weekly Zoom meetings and/or keep up to date with the electronic communications. You may claim a story/photo idea from the Story List or suggest one of your own.

Writers submit original articles of at least 200 words to the appropriate editor by the deadline while following the AP style for journalistic writing. Then the editors review the article and send the article back for further revisions. All submissions are subject to editing; writers are kept aware of the changes made to their article, but the senior editor makes final decisions in all publishing decisions. Writers are paid $30 per submission that is printed.

Writers claim articles from the Story List and photographers can choose which articles they would like to take pictures for. If you can make it to local events, school events, protests, etc. that is great! If not, we are still open to publishing pictures of campus, students, student organizations, or anything of interest in the Houston area. All photographs that are printed are paid $15.

Cartoonist/Graphic Artist
Cartoonists and Graphic Artists submit original drawings to the Editor by the deadline. All currently enrolled students are eligible to work for Dateline as a Cartoonist. Cartoonist spend about two hours on each cartoon and are compensated $30 per published cartoon.

Last updated 7/16/2021 3:14 AM