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Display Advertising

The Dateline invites you to place ads in our newspaper. Don’t miss out on the chance to reach our large and diverse audience of student and faculty readers! Placing an ad requires two easy steps:

  1. Reserve your space one week before publication date (see Publication Dates).
  2. Send your final ad copy by noon on the day before publication date.

Publication Dates

Our publication dates fall on bi-weekly Thursdays. Please see the date in our Latest Edition to find our next publication date.

Sizes and Prices

Prices depend on the size of your ad and whether you want your ad to be printed in color or in black and white.

* Nonprofits receive a 20% discount.

​Full page 10x14
​1/2 page 5x14
​1/4 page 5x7
​​​1/8 page 5x3.5
​Black and White

Last updated 5/23/2022 8:00 AM