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Class Attendance Reminders

​​Regular attendance and participation in your classes is essential for your continued success. For Spring 2022, UHD has implemented a class attendance verification process.

Beginning January 29, instructors will notify the Registrar's Office to drop students who have not attended in-person or engaged in online activity​ as appropriate to the class and as defined by the instructor.

Class Attendance Reminders:

  1. To maintain enrollment, you are required to attend class, whether face to face or online, and complete assignments as outlined in the class syllabus.
  2. Your failure to attend any of your classes, engage in course material, or make contact with faculty to adequately explain your absence by January 29, 2022 may result in you being administratively dropped from the course.
  3. Being dropped from class(es) may affect your enrollment status, financial aid eligibility, financial standing, graduation application status, etc.

As a reminder, you should regularly check your GatorMail, Blackboard, and myUHD student portal for important University notifications and messages from your instructors.

If you have questions about UHD’s class attendance procedures, please contact the Registrar’s Office at

Last updated 1/26/2022 6:37 AM