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GTF Scholars High School group photo

UHD Greater Texas Foundation Scholars Program​

For Early College High School Graduates   


Applications for the GTF Scholars Program for the Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 academic year are currently being accepted and timely submissions are encouraged, but will be considered accordingly as long as program vacancies permit. 


In order to be considered for eligibility, applicants must be current seniors enrolled in a Designated Texas Early College High School who will graduate in Spring 2022.​


The registration timeline for students graduating from Early College High Schools in Spring 2022 and starting at UHD in the Fall 2022 semester follows.  Please check back regularly for any updates.


Each year there are 40 vacancies. The selection of GTF scholars is not guaranteed by the date of submission, but rather the eligibility of the candidates applying. Usually applicants begin to get notification of their acceptance sometime in March after applications and supporting documents have been reviewed and telephone interviews have been conducted. The priority deadline is typically the first of April though the process often extends through April and May before all 40 openings are filled depending, of course, on the volume of submissions and the suitability of applicants.

Join a prestigious community of scholars who have graduated from Early College High Schools and are continuing​ their educational journey at UHD.

The UHD Greater Texas Foundation Scholars (GTF) Program supports efforts to ensure all Texas students are prepared for and have access to completing their postsecondary education. It is an academically competitive program designed f​or on-time completion of a baccalaureate degree within 3 years.

Selected students will belong to an intellectually and socially vibrant community within the larger university. The GTF program collaborates with UHD’s five colleges to provide its students an exceptional undergraduate experience as they pursue their degrees and prepare for the future. The foundation is attentive to the needs of high achieving students, and provides, not only a personalized academic program, but also the necessary resources to ensure continued success in the university environment.

GTF students receive numerous programmatic benefits including:

  • ​ Peer mentoring
  •  Financial, academic, and social support
  •  Guided exploration of career fields
  •  Access to state-wide annual GTF Leadership Conference for selected scholars
  •  Fall retreat for team building and reinforcing the Gator experience
  •  End-of-semester Community Engagement event applying classroom learning to solving real Houston issues​

For more information on the program please contact Michae Almeida​.

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