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Reading The Class Schedule

The class schedule is available online on Student e-Services. You can search the class schedule by selecting two or more search criteria, such as subject, days, location, and times. Changes to the class schedule occur frequently as the semester nears.

All registration is done using the Course Reference Number (CRN), a 5-digit number that is unique for each class offering. It is important to record that number accurately.

For example, the same course may be offered at 8:00 am Downtown and 7:00 pm at Ft Bend. Which one you end up registered for depends on which CRN you provide, so be careful and always verify your class registration after it is complete by obtaining a copy of your class schedule.

In addition to the CRN, other important class characteristics you should be aware of are:

  • Where the class is taught -- UHD teaches at several locations in addition to One Main Street, so be careful to choose a class offered at the location you prefer.
  • Instruction mode -- in addition to standard in-person lecture and lab classes, UHD offers Interactive Television (ITV), taped and computer courses. Again, be careful to choose the delivery mode you want. (Distance Education courses have additional fees).
  • Class days -- UHD offers a great variety of class meeting times, including those that meet only once a week or on weekends.

View this graphic in pdf format. How to read the Online Class Schedule.

How To Read The Online Class Schedule 


Last updated 7/30/2020 3:25 AM