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Applying for Graduation

Apply to Graduate with the University of Houston-Downtown

University of Houston-Downtown award diplomas six times in the academic year: December, January, May, June, July and August.  Commencement ceremonies are held during Fall and Spring semesters. All students must file for graduation the semester before they are planning to graduate. Graduation applications are submitted online only through MyUHD account. To determine eligibility to apply for graduation, please review the checklist below:

Graduation checklist:

1. MyDegree Evaluation

  • If the electronic audit reads “NOT MET,” this does NOT mean you are not graduating. There may be some unarticulated or unapplied credits in your academic history. Please consult your College Advisor to make sure of your pending/outstanding requirements. Please continue to apply if you believe you are on target.
  • 2. Contact college advisor if you have any questions regarding general credit petitions based on degree evaluation.  The following are example of credit petitions:

  • Waivers - courses that could be met by Foreign credit or other exemption that will not require student to take course
  • Substitutions-courses that are being used to satisfy  another course that is currently required
  • Articulation- transfer courses that are not showing up correctly in your degree evaluation
  • 3. Credit petitions can be requested before you apply for graduation

    4. Register for current and graduating semester

    5. All holds should be cleared

    Graduation Application Deadlines
    Spring 2018November 6, 2017 - February 5, 2018
    May Term 2018March 12, 2018 - April 20, 2018
    Summer I 2018April 16, 2018 - May 31, 2018
    Summer III 2018April 16, 2018 - July 5, 2018


    ​ ​To File for Graduation all forms and steps below must be completed:
    ​ 1. Graduation application: The online graduation application has nine (9) steps. Please allow 15-20 minutes to successfully complete the online application for graduation in its entirety.
    Curriculum Term Selection: Select the last term for which you are registered and academic program which whom you are seeking degree certification. You will then be prompted to select term and date for your expected graduation.
    Commencement: Confirm if you plan to attend the upcoming commencement ceremony. Should you chance decision after submitting, graduation application please, contact the Registrar’s Office via email For more information regarding commencement, visit the UHD Commencement web site.
    Diploma Name Selection: Select or enter the name to be printed on your diploma. If requesting a change to the name printed on your diploma form what we currently have in our records, please, review the name to ensure it is correctly spelled as this is what will be displayed on your official university diploma. If additional changes are requested after submitting online graduation application please, contact the Registrar’s Office via email This change request may require an additional graduation fee.
    Diploma Mailing Address Selection: Select or enter the mailing address where your diploma is to be sent. Incorrect information will delay delivery of your diploma. We do not mail to P.O. Boxes as diplomas are sent in 12 ¾ x 15” white diploma mailers through USPS Certified Mail and require a signature.
    Graduation Application Payment: Select payment for graduation application you would have the option to request additional copies of diplomas. There is a limit of (4) copies you can request via graduation application.  
    Review: Review the information you are about to submit as your graduation application.



    Graduation Exit Survey: As a graduating senior, we ask that you take a few moments to reflect on your time at the University of Houston-Downtown. The information from your questionnaire responses will assist us in improving recruitment efforts, student services support, and event programming. The graduation exit survey is a mandatory requirement to successfully complete your graduation application.



    Payment of Graduation Application Fee: As a part of your graduation application you will be charged a non-refundable graduation fee of $50. This fee will be added to your student account statement. If this application is denied or you do not complete the degree and graduation requirements successfully, you will be required to submit another application for graduation and repay the $50 graduation fee.

    Please note: Once your graduation application is submitted, a Degree Conferral hold will be placed on your student account. This hold will only prevent future registration, this will not affect your graduation certification, or stop any other diploma, or transcript request. If you are interested in returning to UHD for a future semester please visit the Readmission page.

    ​ ​Graduation certification would depend on you successfully completing:

    All requirements on your degree audit.

    ​2.​Pending courses registered at UHD when graduation application was submitted
    ​3.​Pending courses in another institution approved by college advisor. Documentation of this needs to be submitted to the Registrar’s office at time of approval. You are required to submit an official transcript with these courses to the Admissions Office to continue with degree certification. Delaying submission of official transcript will affect degree certification.
    ​ ​Getting your Diploma:



    ​Your diploma will be mailed six weeks after graduation certification has been completed. It bears your name, graduation date and degree (with honors, if so), and the university’s seal and signatures.



    ​If no one is available to sign for your diploma upon delivery, the USPS carrier will return it to the Post Office and hold for approximately four (4) weeks. If you are not able to pick-up your diploma from the Post Office within that time-frame, it will be returned to the UHD Registrar's Office. If your diploma is returned to UHD, please contact us via email ( prior to picking up your diploma so that we can ensure that the Post Office has delivered the diploma to the university. Once you receive confirmation that your diploma can be picked up from our office, please visit N330 and bring a valid government issued photo ID or your UHD ID card (GatorCard). Diplomas are available approximately three (3) months after the Official Close of the Semester.

    ​3.​If you need additional copies of your diploma please, complete the Diploma Order Form and follow instructions for payment. Submission of incomplete forms would delay processing of request.

    For more information on the online graduation application process, degree audit or diplomas, please contact the Registrar’s office at

    Office of Student Affairs
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