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Parking and Directions


Parking is available in front of Minute Maid Park's Right Field Entrance (Hamilton @ Texas Avenue).

Getting to Minute Maid Park

From I-10

Exit San Jacinto/ Main to Downtown
Exit McKee street to Downtown
Exit Hamilton to Downtown


Continue north and exit Downtown Destinations/Polk St.
Continue on the feeder road, which turns into Chartres.
Continue driving North on Chartres towards the ballpark. Turn left onto Capitol.
From Capitol, turn right onto Crawford St.
Union Station is at the intersection of Texas and Crawford.

From I-45 North

Exit Milam Street to Downtown
Exit McKinney Street
Exit Dallas/Pierce to Jefferson

From US-59 North

If you use US 59 to enter downtown please notice the change in the ramp that you usually take that is signed for Hamilton and the closures of ramps to I-10 east and west. .The Ramp has a blue sign covering the green sign that reads "DOWNTOWN DESTINATIONS". It is the inside lane (left side) after you cross I-10.

From I-10

Exit Smith Street to Downtown

From I-45 South

Exit Scott (Downtown) to Pease or St. Joseph Parkway
Exit Scott (Downtown) to Pease to Dowling north

From SH 288

Merge to US 59 North, exit Gray/Pierce, take Chartres northbound to Downtown
exit Chenevert St. Downtown.

Last updated 9/10/2018 11:00 AM