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Research, Scholarship & Creative Activities Work Group

Charge of the Work Group:

  • Conduct a gap analysis pertaining to the respective goals and objectives of the existing strategic plan.
  • Gather and summarize accomplishments and success stories relevant to the current UHD Strategic Plan to be included in the Bridge Plan.
  • Integrate the new short-time strategic priorities identified by the steering committee into the plan, revise the targets and streamline the existing objectives and strategies.
  • Effectively and regularly communicate to the strategic planning committee.
Standing bi-monthly meetings, and as needed.

Fall 2020- Fall 2021

Work Group Members
​Name​Role​Representation​Voting​Term Ends
​Jerry Johnson​Co-ChairAssociate Vice President of Faculty & Research
​Yes Fall 2021
​Krista Gehring​Co-Chair​Associate Professor of Criminal Justice​Yes Fall 2021
​Bernardo Pohl​MemberAssociate Professor of Education​Yes Fall 2021
Heather Goltz​MemberAssociate Professor of Social Work
​Yes Fall 2021
Arash Rahmatian​Member Associate Professor of Structural Engineering​Yes Fall 2021
Katrina Rufino ​Member AssociateProfessor of Psychology​Yes Fall 2021
Christine Nittrouer​Member Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management​Yes Fall 2021
Sheneetra Wilson​Member​Academic Advising​Yes Fall 2021
Merriann Bidgood​Member Librarian of Discovery Services​Yes Fall 2021
Belinda Hernandez​Member Web Technical Support Specialist​Yes Fall 2021

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