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Fifty Years of Progress

Founded in 1974, the University of Houston-Downtown has risen with the Houston skyline.  As the city of Houston has stepped into the center of national conversations, so too has UHD emerged as a vital component of the city's own progress.  

UHD is about to enter the final year of its current strategic plan (UHD Revised Strategic Plan 2015-2020, Updated 11-14-17).  Under this plan, which actually traces its heritage back to planning exercises conducted as early as 2007 and 2008, UHD has grown considerably: enrollments are higher, more programming is available, new buildings have been built.   Ambitious goals structured around student success, student access, program advancement, research, partnerships, and more, have given shape and focus to many of our efforts over the past several years, and we have achieved a great deal toward these goals.

Now we have an opportunity to examine—and celebrate—these many successes as the institution's first half-century comes to a close, and to simultaneously engage in an institution-wide conversation about the mission, vision, and goals that will emerge as focal points during the half-century to come. 

To this end, we will embark on an ambitious and comprehensive strategic planning exercise: one that will allow us to take stock of who we are now and also define who we will be during the decade after the institution's half-century milestone.  This process will begin with the creation of a bridge plan—a strategic plan that will take us from 2021 to UHD's 50th anniversary.  This bridge plan will use the mission, vision, and core values of the current strategic plan as a framework for setting institutional goals for the next three years.  During the implementation of that bridge plan, we will launch an ambitious, campus-wide, comprehensive conversation about the future of UHD.  We will begin by examining the mission, vision, and core values of the institution, and then build a brand new beyond 50 strategic plan that will take the institution from its 50th anniversary deep into the next half-century.

UHD has been, and will remain, a cornerstone in the architecture of Houston higher education.  We are Houston's downtown university, with commitments to student success, academic excellence, civic engagement, career readiness, and more.  During the construction of both the bridge plan and the beyond 50 plan, I hope each faculty and staff member of the university will take the time to engage the planning process.  Let us join together across the university to finish our first fifty years strong, and set a vision for the years to come. 

Go Gators!

Eric Carl Link

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

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Last updated 4/2/2021 9:06 AM