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UHD Police Staff

We strive to ensure a secure and safe university environment for UHD students, faculty, staff and visitors. Take a few minutes to learn more about us as you browse through our website. If you need to report a crime or incident, please do not hesitate to contact us. ​


Chief Michael Benford
Chief Michael Benford
713-221-8065 ext. 8129
Lt. Carla Barnette
Lieutenant Carla Barnette
713-221-8062 ext. 5707
Lt. Anthony Hodge
Lieutenant Anthony Hodge
713-221-8065 ext. 8653
Lt. Frederick Varela
Lieutenant Frederick Varela
713-221-8065 ext. 8651
Sgt. Jaime Cortez
Sergeant Jaime Cortez
713-221-8065 ext. 5342
Sgt. Casey Davis
Sergeant Casey Davis

Contact info coming soon.
Sgt. Trinity Delafance
Sergeant Trinity Delafance
713-221-8065 ext. 8446
Sgt. Imelda Rodriguez
Sergeant Imelda Rodriguez
713-221-8065 ext. 2752
Corporal Raymond Jenkins
Corporal Raymond Jenkins
713-221-8065 ext. 3851
Corporal Ricardo Reyna
Corporal Ricardo Reyna
713-221-8065 ext. 3846
Tracy V. Lee Tracy V. Lee
Administrative Assistant
Scott Batt
Electronic Security Systems Manager
Scott Batt
Lou Ann Naut Business Administrator
Lou Ann Naut
Jacqueline Nelson
Evidence and Records Custodian
Jacqueline Nelson

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