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UHD Police Staff

We strive to ensure a secure and safe university environment for UHD students, faculty, staff and visitors. Take a few minutes to learn more about us as you browse through our website. If you need to report a crime or incident, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Chief Michael Benford
Chief Michael Benford
713-221-8065 ext. 8129
Sgt. Casey Davis
Assistant Chief of Police Casey Davis
713-221-8065 ext. 5811
Lt. Carla Barnette
Lieutenant Carla Barnette
713-221-8062 ext. 5707
Lt. Trinity Delafance
Lieutenant Trinity Delafance
713-221-8065 ext. 8446
Lt. Vanessa Garza
Lieutenant Vanessa Garza
713-221-8651 ext. 8651
Sgt. Jaime Cortez
Sergeant Jaime Cortez
713-221-8065 ext. 5342
Sgt. Trinity Delafance
Sergeant Matthew Munoz
713-221-8065 ext. 8285
Sgt. Imelda Rodriguez
Sergeant Imelda Rodriguez
713-221-8065 ext. 2752
Corporal Ricardo Reyna
Sergeant Ricardo Reyna
713-221-8065 ext. 3846
Corporal Raymond Jenkins
Corporal Raymond Jenkins
713-221-8065 ext. 3851
Tabitha Rivera
Officer Tabitha Rivera
Clery/Evidence and Records Custodian
Tracy V. Lee
Tracy V. Lee​
Administrative Assistant
Briana Zweck
Communications Supervisor
Briana Zweck
713-221-8065 ext. 8195
Tanisha Wilson
Business Administrator
Tanisha Wilson
Scott Batt
Electronic Security Systems Manager
Scott Batt

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