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Progress Reports

​Progress reports in Navigate will replace the Early Alerts that used to be submitted via Advisor Track. Faculty can submit ad hoc progress reports for any student at any point in the semester. Progress report campaigns will also run at key points during the semester. 


Progress Report Campaigns

During the semester, campaigns will be sent to some faculty that will ask them to complete a progress report for students in their courses who may need additional academic support. If you are part of a progress report campaign, you: 

  • Will receive an email link with instructions (no login is required).
  • Only students who are part of the campaign and enrolled in your courses will show.
  • Will only need to identify those who need additional support (you do not need to check 'no' for any student who is doing well).
  • Will automatically be notified when the case has been closed along with the outcome via email.

Ad Hoc Progress Reports

How to Send an Ad-Hoc Alert

Using Navigate, faculty are able to create ad hoc progress reports (formerly early alerts).

To create an ad hoc progress report on the student:

  • Login to Navigate at  using UHD SSO (no need for
  • Identify which student(s) you want to create an early alert for by selecting "Progress Reports" under the class listing area and check the boxes for any student(s) you want to open an alert for.
  • Click the 'actions' button located near the top left of that window and select "create a new progress report". Fill in as much information as they want to help the advisor or success coach. Selecting more than one reason will open a new case for each reason. Please select one reason and add additional concerns in the comment box. 
  • The alert will automatically go to the student's assigned advisor and success coach and you will automatically be notified when the case has been closed along with the outcome via email.

Monitoring Progress Reports

Regardless of which method faculty use for the progress report, Navigate allows them to see which ones are still open, see any comments placed by the advisor, and see when the case is closed along with the outcome. Student cases will not close unless an advisor meets with the student to close the loop. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove the Y/N At-Risk and Alert Reasons field in AD-HOC progress reports?

No. Ad-hoc progress reports essentially permits a faculty member to submit a one-off alert on a student and look different from the one you configure in Global Settings.

Is there a way to keep the at-risk Yes/No column on in Progress Reports but have the Alert Reasons column not show?

No. This is in part because the benefit of running a progress report and marking a student at-risk is sharing why the student is at risk.

What is the difference between the expiration date in global configs vs. the expiration date when building the Progress Report campaign?

The Progress Report end date in the campaign is the date that advisors will see as the last day to submit Progress Reports. The link to fill out the Progress Reports won't expire until the date set in Global Configurations. This is meant as a safety net for faculty that may have missed the Progress Report deadline.

Is it possible to retroactively add faculty responses to a Progress Report campaign after the campaign has closed?

You can go to 'Progress Reports not yet received' tab, select the professor(s), click resend request and scroll down to extend the expiration date of the Progress Report campaign. That professor can then add their responses.

What is the character limit for the Comment field when faculty fills out Progress Reports?

The limit is 65,535 characters.

At what time of day does a Progress Report Campaign expire?

For a Progress Report Campaign, the expiration is set to 12 AM at the BEGINNING of the specified day for your institution's time zone. This means that if the date specified on the application is 8/24/2019 then the Progress Report Campaign expires on at 12:00 AM on 8/24/2019.

Why can't I submit my Progress Report?

There are a number of potential reasons, but one is if you are unable to set an Alert Reason for the student after marking a student at-risk. You must always add an Alert Reason when marking a student at-risk on a Progress Report if your Progress Report is configured to have Alert Reasons.

Last updated 3/2/2020 4:57 AM