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Adjuncts are important members of the UHD faculty. Chairs need to work with all of their faculty to ensure an equal distribution of labor within their department

Factors that you should consider when using Respondus include:

  • Technology requirements - Respondus does not work on Chromebooks, phones, and most iPads. Respondus Monitor requires a webcam. Respondus also requires a stable internet connection, and the ability to install and run software on the device used for testing. Also, if students are using computers provided by an employer, there may be firewalls that prevent download of this browser.

  • Support availability - If students have an issue during the exam, the instructor would have to be able to provide assistance, or approve a reset, depending upon test settings. Therefore, please consider a testing window that will allow students who may have issues to contact you during regular hours.

For more information and training on Respondus, please see the Blackboard Training page.

Refer to this guide Test Security and Respondus-Issues to Consider

Yes, the IDEA course evaluations surveys are scheduled to go as usual over the summer semester.

*These are constantly being updated with new information and additional questions.

Last updated 11/5/2020 10:43 AM