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​​​​​​​​​​UHD Welcome Center photo​​​

Welcome to UHD iRadio

The mission of The University of Houston Downtown Internet Radio Station is twofold: 1. To inform, entertain, and enlighten its campus of diverse listeners by presenting an eclectic mix of programs; and 2. To serve as an educational venue equipped to provide students with a laboratory in which they may explore a variety of careers in radio broadcasting. 

It is the hope that the UHD Internet Radio Station be entirely student managed and operated by Fall 2020, if not sooner. This allows for no less than 5 complete semesters of significant guidance and monitoring. That said, during no semester will the station be without a seasoned faculty advisor. Program refinement, scheduling strategies, and disciplinary measures must be the definitive responsibility of said faculty advisor. Ultimately, our UHD station must always be laced with intellectual and artistic nourishment. In short, we must hold firm that teaching is the fuel that has, and will continue to launch, the philosophical message of the station. 

Last updated 2/15/2018 6:32 AM