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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Forms 2019-2020

Application Forms


International Student Financial Aid Application

Financial aid application for international students.

2019/2020 Form

Enrollment Forms


Consortium Agreement

Required for students seeking financial aid at UHD while attending UHD and another institution. (HCC, Lone Star).

Fall 2019​

Unusual Enrollment History Review Form

Required for students whose FAFSA was flagged for enrollment review by the Department of Education.

2019/2020 Form

Loan Forms


Disability Discharge Acknowledgment Form

Required for students who have had previous Federal Stafford or Direct loans discharged due to disability.

2019/2020 Form

Parent PLUS Loan Borrower Authorization Form

Form required for parents borrowing a PLUS loan.
W-9 Form • Direct Deposit Form

2019/2020 Form

Private Loan Budget Form

Required for students who are only applying for an alternative loan without submitting a FAFSA or TASFA.

2019/2020 Form

Miscellaneous Forms


Revision Request Form

Form to request to cancel financial aid, update enrollment, loan status.

2019/2020 Form​

Post-Baccalaureate Certification Form

Required for students who have received their 1st bachelor's degree and are seeking undergraduate financial aid.

2019/2020 Form

Special Circumstance Forms


Dependency Appeal Form

For students wishing to appeal parental dependency.

2019/2020 Form

Income Adjustment Request Form

For students who may have experienced an unusual income circumstance that would affect EFC calculation.

2019/2020 Form

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

Form for students who have lost their eligibility for financial aid.

2019/2020 Form

Verification Forms


Dependent Verification Form

2019/2020 Form

Independent Verification Form

2019/2020 Form

Parent's Amended Tax Return Form

2019/2020 Form

Student's Amended Tax Return Form

2019/2020 Form

Family Size Clarification

Required upon request to clarify family size information

2019/2020 Form

Low Income Statement

Required upon request for clarify unusually low income.

2019/2020 Form


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