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Contact Information

​This page contains contact information for Staff members that Staff Council finds valuable. Different situations require the help of different departments - please refer to the information listed below when determining which group to reach out to.

Employment Service Operations (ESO)

For issues with Employment related services (job training, payroll, compensation and benefits, employee relations, etc.) please contact Employment Service Operations using the correct inbox listed at their website:​

COVID-19 Taskforce

For issues related to COVID-19 or the COVID Response Matrix please visit the COVID-19 Update Page​. You can also contact the COVID Task Force at ​

Title IX Office

For issues related to Sexual Misconduct and/or Discrimination please contact the Title IX Office. You can find their reporting forms on the Title IX website or at the bottom of any UHD website under "Sexual Misconduct & Discrimination Reporting". Under state law employees are required to report any incident that my implicated the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Staff Council

For issues related to Staff Policy or general concerns please contact Staff Council by using our Contact Form​ or by emailing us at

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