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Faculty Senate Committees

UHD Faculty Senate Committees

Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC)

Ronald Beebe, Past President (2021-2022)

Edmund Cueva, President (2021-2022)

Krista Gehring, President-elect (2021-2022)

Nathan Neale, Secretary (2020-2022)

Rachael Hudspeth, At-Large, NS, CST (2021-2022)

Nell Sullivan, At-Large, ENG, CHSS (2021-2022)

Candace TenBrink, At-Large, MGTI, MDCOB (2021-2022)

APC Committee Reports

Academic Policy Committee (APC) Summary Report 2020-2021

Academic Policy Committee (APC) Summary Report 2018-2019

Academic Policy Committee (APC) Summary Report 2017-2018

Academic Policy Committee (APC) Summary Report 2016-2017

Committee Information (Past)

Faculty Senate Committees 2017-2018

Past University-level Committees: Basic Facts

Past Faculty Representatives on Major University Committees 2007-2008

Past Senate Committee Information


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