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What is​​ the Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign?

The Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign is an initiative to raise funds from those who are most passionate about UHD and our students. Funds raised will address specific needs of the institution and the students we serve. Gifts have an impact on the university's ability to support programs not funded by state appropriations.

Why does the Un​iversity need annual giving support?

State funding and student tuition only cover a percentage of the university's operating budget. Additional funds are required to support our programs, provide scholarships and improve our campus. Donations to UHD from faculty, staff, alumni and friends allow us to meet some of the greatest needs of the university.​

I can only make a small contribution.​​ Does that really help?

Absolutely! It all adds up! For example, if 50 people each gave $25, this could provide $1,250 toward a student's annual cost of books and supplies. If 50 employees each pledged $15 per pay-period, it would provide $9,000 and cover nearly all of the cost of tuition and books for two undergraduate students for an entire year. For UHD it is not how much you give, but that you give! Once our alumni realize the total commitment of UHD employees through the faculty/staff campaign, they will be more apt to become loyal donors as well.​

How are my contributio​​ns used?

100% of the giving campaign's gifts go to the areas designated by you. All restricted annual gifts fund university scholarships and existing endowments at the college of your choice. All unrestricted gifts fund the greatest need of the university and help bridge the gap between state support, tuition and fees, and what is actually needed to operate the university.​

How can I make a contributi​​on?

There are many options for making gifts to the University on your pledge card, but we encourage you to make your gift through payroll deduction. You can also make a gift by check payable to UHD, or use your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. Please contact the Advancement office for other options.​

Is my gift tax deduct​​ible?

Yes, UHD is qualified as a tax-exempt organization, so all gifts to the University are tax deductible. To find out more about tax deductibility visit the IRS website at

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Last updated 2/7/2017 9:39 AM