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When a department needs to correct an expenditure which has posted against a cost center or account improperly, the appropriate process to make this correction depends on the type of transaction (payroll or non-payroll) and the type of funds involved (all state, all local, or state and local). A journal entry may not be used for payroll reallocations and adjustments. The Payroll Reallocation process must be used for those transactions. A complete payroll reallocation form generated from the PeopleSoft HR system with pre-populated employee and debit cost center information

Payroll Reallocation Form Processing.pdf

Note:   If effort was charged incorrectly to the sponsored project and a payroll reallocation is being processed to change the distribution of effort, the effort report should reflect this change. If payroll reports change, the effort report must be re-certified to reflect the change. In other words, re-certification is required.

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Last updated 7/31/2015 9:09 AM