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Banner System Requirements

Banner 8 graphicBanner 8 (Student Records System at UHD) is totally web-based (referred to as Internet Native Banner or INB).

To access Banner 8, point your web browser to​


Operating System​​: ​

Microsoft Windows 7 ​

​​Web Brow​​ser: 

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9

Other web browsers such as Firefox, Netscape and Safari are not supported for use with Banner 8.


Java version 6 update 25, 43 or 45 are required.

The first time you access Banner 8, you may be prompted to install Java. If so, follow the prompts, accept any licensing agreements that may come up during the installation, and select “Run” where offered. If asked to verify the digital signature, check the box stating, “Always trust content from this publisher” before proceeding. Once installed, please log in to Banner 8.​

Screen Display:​​

It is recommended that you setup the screen resolution to a minimum of 1024 x 768 to accommodate Banner forms and avoid scrolling.

To revise your settings, go to Control Panel under Start, select the Display icon, and then select the Settings tab. You should be able to change the screen resolution on this tab.

Pop-Up Blocker:​

You must turn off all pop-up blocker software or allow Banner 8 site to be exempt from any pop-up blocker because Banner 8 uses pop-up windows.

To turn off pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer: Select Tools, Pop-up Blocker, and then select Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

You may also setup Pop-Up Blocker so that it only allows pop-ups from UHD web sites including Banner 8. Click here for instructions.

You must also disable pop-up blockers from other site toolbars such as Yahoo and Google.

Add-ons ​​​and Toolbars:

Add-ons which are intended to give different functionality to your Web browser sometimes slow down your computer or force Internet Explorer to shut down unexpectedly.  Make sure to remove add-ons from your web browser such as Yahoo, Google and MSN toolbars, animated mouse pointers, and stock tickers.  These toolbars usually sit under the main browser’s toolbar or main menu.

Security Se​​​tting:

When you start up Banner 8 for the first time, you may see a series of two security warning screens. In both cases, click on the box in front of the message Always trust content from this publisher to checkmark that box and then click on the Run button.

Access from Home:

If you plan to access Banner 8 from home, you MUST use the VPN utility provided by UHD with your high speed Internet access (DSL or modem cable).​

  • Go to Faculty & Staff e-Services and click Software Downloads
  • Choose the appropriate VPN client for your operating system
  • Follow the included instructions

    In addition to installing the VPN utility, your home PC MUST comply with the Client Requirements listed above in order to run Banner 8.


Please note that you will see two web browser sessions open when you run Banner 8, and they are both necessary.  One of the windows is a blank screen labeled "Oracle Application Server Forms", and the second window is labeled "Oracle Developer Forms Runtime" and this is the window where the Banner application runs.  If you close either window, the Banner application will be disconnected.

After you exit Banner, you must also close the blank "Oracle Application Server Forms Services" screen.


For technical support with Banner 8 (access problems, browser setup, etc.), contact the Help Desk (x3000, 713-221-8031,

For Banner 8 specific questions, contact Lupe Gongora at ext. 8589 or Bonnie Mar at ext. 8989.

Last updated 11/20/2019 7:21 AM