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University of Houston-Downtown

The ​University of Houston-Downtown offers wireless access campus-wide that is fast and secure.

Access to the secure wireless network is available to UHD students, faculty and staff. UHD’s wireless network infrastructure supports most mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Any wireless device that supports the 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n wireless standard will be able to connect to UHD's secure wireless network.

Connecting from a Laptop

To connect to the UHD wireless network from a laptop for the first time, follow these one-time-only steps:

  • Click the wireless icon in your computer's system tray (near the clock at right). In Mac computers, you will find this icon on the Menu Bar towards the right corner.
  • Select the UHDSecureLaptop wireless network (SSID), and make sure the "Connect Automatically" checkbox is unchecked.
  • Next, open a new browser window (ex., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc), and navigate to the XpressConnect Setup Page  
  • The XpressConnect Network page will appear. After reading the agreement, at the bottom right, place a check beside "I accept the terms of the End-User License Agreement" checkbox.
  • Click the Start button.
  • The XpressConnect dialog box will appear.
Students: Type in your UHD username and password.

Faculty/Staff: Type UHD\ in front of your username, and then type your password.

  • Click the Continue > button.
  • XpressConnect will configure your computer to the UHD wireless network (UHDSecure) and will save your credentials so you do not have to follow this process again.
  • When the dialog box indicates that you are connected, click on Finish.

Now you will be connected to the UHDSecure network and from now on, your computer will automatically re-connect you with your login credentials.

Connecting from a MOBILE DEVICE

  • On your mobile device, navigate to the list of wireless connections currently available.
  • Select UHDSecureMobile.
  • A new window will pop up, requesting your username and password.
Students: Type in your UHD username and password.

Faculty/Staff: Type UHD\ in front of your username, and then type your password.

  • The window will disappear and you will be connected to the secure UHD wireless network. From now on your mobile device will automatically connect you when the UHD wireless network is in range.

Problems Connecting

Contact the Service Desk at 713-221-8031 for assistance.

Different Wireless Accounts

User Account - Active faculty, staff, and students can access UHD's wireless network with their existing computer account username and password.

Alumni AccountUHD Alumni may request a computer account for use on the wireless network.  To request an account, please contact the Academic Computing Lab (800S).  Alumni are required to abide by the Regulations for Using Academic Computing Facilities and Resources Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon - Download Link at UH-Downtown.

Guest Account  - Guest accounts for the UHD network are provided as a courtesy for official visitors of the University.  To obtain a Guest Account, ask your campus sponsor to complete the Guest Network Account Request Form Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon - Download Link and submit this form to the Information Technology Office located in S-700, Main Building.


Do I need anything other than my wireless device to connect to UHD's wireless network?
You must have a valid UHD network ID in addition to your wireless device.

I have a UHD network ID, but I don't remember my password. What should I do?
you may visit e-Services and select the Forgot My Password link, or contact the Help Desk at 713-221-8031 for assistance.

How do I connect my wireless device to UHD's wireless network?
For more information, please follow the steps in the UHD Wireless tab above.

What if the wizard cannot configure my laptop to connect to UHD's wireless network?
Please contact the Help Desk at 713-221-8031.​

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