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Slow Computer?
Have you ever noticed that your computer is running slower?

Your computer may have spyware. Spyware can compromise the operation of your computer and affect its performance. Spyware can affect things such as how webpages are displayed. You may want to run a spyware removal program such as Spybot Search and Destroy; Lavasoft AdAware, and Windows Defender on a regular basis or when you notice that your computer is not performing properly. 

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Computer Virus

Computer viruses have impacted a significant number of computers worldwide over the past few years. There are over 10,000 known computer viruses. Over 200 new viruses are being discovered every month. A computer virus is a (hidden) program, which invades your computer; much like a biological virus invades a living cell. A computer virus contains code that has the potential to cause damage and/or perform unwanted/unauthorized functions.

The Division of Information Technology takes all computer viruses very seriously. A special Virus Research Team has been formed to address virus concerns within the University of Houston-Downtown computing community. All PCs on campus have McAfee VirusScan software installed on them, which is capable of detecting and eradicating computer viruses.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about computer viruses, please contact the Division of Information Technology at 713-221-8031. In addition, if you receive any e-mail messages regarding virus warnings, please forward them to immediately.

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SPAM Digest

When you receive a message in your email Inbox from UHD Spam Admin, this is our email SPAM filter working to protect your Inbox from junk email. Sometimes this filter inadvertently identifies legitimate email messages as SPAM. These messages are queued on the server. You can release the legitimate messages. If you receive suspicious email messages, send them directly to ​

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Last updated 6/5/2017 12:51 PM