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Computer Accounts

The Accounts Table identifies the numerous accounts and systems at University of Houston-Downtown that require an authenticated computer account for the various account types--faculty, staff, student, alumni, and guest or vendor. Most accounts use the assigned username (or UserID) and password ▲, but some systems require a unique username and password U.



UHD Computers and Network  - Access to log on to any UHD network computer. Faculty & Staff will use the UHD Domain. Students will use the Academic Domain.

Faculty & Staff email Outlook Web Access - Browser-based email program used by Faculty & Staff to check email from any computer with internet access.


Student email (Gatormail) - Browser-based email program for Student to check email from any computer with internet access.


Faculty & Staff eServices - Entry to Faculty and Staff resources including Class Roster, Personal Data, Exchange Email and Manage Blackboard Courses.


Student eServices - Entry to Student resources including Personal Data, Registration and Schedule, Admissions & Enrollment Status.


Blackboard - Online course management system for faculty, staff, and students.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Allows faculty and staff to connect to university network securely from off-campus.


Remote Desktop Connection - Allows faculty and staff to connect to their office computer and/or network resources after they have connected through VPN.


UHD Wireless - Allows access to the campus wireless network.


Print Control - Allows faculty to print in the e-Classroom Labs that have print control.


Library Databases - Authentication is required to access library databases from off-campus only.


My TalentSpace - Online appraisal and learning system for staff only.


DocuWare - Document imaging system.


Web Accounts - Academic LINUX (individual web space) and Content Manager-key for use with Contribute and Dreamweaver.


Banner - Student records system.


PASS (People Advantage Self-Service) - Allows employees to access personal information online.


PowerFaids - Financial Aid system.


PeopleSoft HR - Human resources report system.


PeopleSoft Financial- Financial and accounting report system.


UHS Mandatory Training - Required annual training from University of Houston System.


Faculty and Staff

General Computer Accounts

Faculty and Staff:  New faculty and staff accounts are initiated by the hiring department using the NARS system. Please contact your hiring department for more information.

Username and Password

New employee account information is issued through New Employee Orientation through ESO (Employment Services and Operations). Faculty computer account information is also issued through ESO (Employment Services and Operations).

Staff #1:  Jane Doe
Username:  doej    [Format:  last name & first initial with no spaces or characters]

Staff #2:  Jane Doe
Username:  doeja

Password:  A2Puhd798                
Passwords must be minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters.  Passwords are required to be changed every 90 days. 

Application-specific Accounts

Application-specific account forms must be completed and submitted to the Division of Information Technology Office located in the Main Building at S-700. These accounts may require application-specific training before the accounts are issued.

  • Banner (Student Record System)
  • PASS (People Advantage Self-Service)
  • PowerFaids (Financial Aid System)
  • PeopleSoft HR
  • PeopleSoft Financial
  • UHD Mandatory Training

U Unique Username and Password to these systems. Departmental approval and training required to use these systems.

* IT Account forms must be completed with appropriate signatures and submitted to Information Technology office located at S700.


Student:  Students are issued a computer account (UserID and Password) when they are accepted as a student at UHD. The account remains active as long as the student is enrolled in classes. The first-time student is assigned a username and password and will receive this information in the mail to the address of record. Students have access to the following systems.

  • UHD Computers
  • UHD Wireless Network
  • GatorMail
  • Blackboard (Online Courses)

Example:  Jane Doe
Username:  doej2 [Format:  last name & first initial with no spaces or characters and a number]

Password:  A2Puh798                
Passwords must be minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters.  Passwords are required to be changed every 90 days. Students may change their passwords through eServices 

Guest and Vendor

G/V  Guest and Vendor accounts require completion of the Guest Network Account Request Form* Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon - Download Link and signature of university sponsor.  The completed form with appropriate signatures must be submitted to the Department of Information Technology located in the Main Building, Room S700.


An Alumni:  Alumni can use computers in Career Services and the Library which do not require computer accounts. A student who would like to use the Academic Computing Labs must visit the Lab during business hours when full-time staff are on-duty. However, services are limited to Alumni in the Labs. Alumni will continue to have access to their GatorMail accounts.


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