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Blackboard: Creating a Wiki

A wiki is a collection of articles that may be collaborated on to achieve a certain goal. For example, a professor of a writing course may wish to paste a story into a wiki entry and ask the students to change it from an opinion piece to a news item. Everyone would make changes to the article over time, until the story completely changes into something else. Then the history of changes may be viewed.

Creating a Wiki in Blackboard

  1. Log into Blackboard and enter the course into which you wish to create a wiki.
  2. Make sure Edit Mode is turned ON.
a screenshot of the Blackboard course you wish to work in and the Edit Mode toggle switched to ON

3. Find the Content Area in which you wish the wiki to be added

4. Click Add Interactive Tool and select Wiki.

a screenshot of the Tools drop down menu with Wikis highlighted

5. Click the Create New Wiki button.

a screenshot of the Create Link: Wiki menu

 6. Give the Wiki a title, and general instructions.

a screenshot of the Create Wiki dialog box

 7. Scroll down and find the availability options, participation options, and grading settings.

  • a. Wiki Date and Time Restrictions – These are commonly not changed from their defaults.
  • b. Wiki Participation – By default the wiki is set to “Open to Editing,” but you may later close the wiki to editing when you feel the wiki project has concluded.
  • c. Wiki Settings – Decide if you wish this wiki project to be graded, and if so, for how many points.
a screenshot of the Wiki options

 8. Click Submit.

a screenshot of the Submit button

 9. You will be taken back to the link options, where you may select your new wiki from the list.

 10. You will have the opportunity to edit the title and description again. Then click Submit.

a screenshot of the Edit options and the Submit button

 11. Then click Next

 12. If no wiki page has been made, whoever enters this wiki area first will be prompted to create an entry. This is true for both faculty members and students.

a screenshot of the Create Content section of the Wiki page

Creating a Wiki Page

 1.Enter the wiki. Instructors should always choose to create an initial wiki page because this will be considered the “home page” of the wiki, which is unable to be     deleted. If the home page already exists, you will see its content. At this time, you may click the Create Wiki Page button.

a screenshot of the Create Wiki Page option

 2. Give the wiki page a title, place content in the large text box, and click Submit.

a screenshot of the Wiki page Name and Content fields

 3. Your wiki page will appear listed in wiki.

a screenshot of the Wiki page with new wiki page listed

Edit a Wiki

 1. To edit the content of the wiki, click Edit Wiki Content. Students may perform this task on wikis as well.

a screenshot of the WIki page with the drop down menu shown and Edit highlighted

 2. You will once again have the opportunity to change the title and content of the wiki. Click Submit.

a screenshot of the Edit Wiki Page dialog box

 13. In gray, you will see when the wiki page was created, who created it, and when it was last modified.

a screenshot of the Wiki edit notifications

Read Comments

  1. To read current comments made on a wiki page, click the blue Comments link on the bottom left of the wiki page.

a screenshot of the comments section in a wiki

  2. The comments will expand. If you drafted the comment, you will have a delete icon available to you.

a screenshot of the Comments section expanded

Make a Comment

 1. To make a comment on a wiki page, click the Comment button at the bottom right of a wiki page.

a screenshot of the Comment section with the comment button highlighted

 2. A comment field will expand. Type in your comment and click the Add button. If you wish to change your mind, click the Cancel button.

a screenshot of the new comment box

View History of a Wiki

 1. In the right-hand menu of a wiki, click the drop-down arrow next to the wiki page for which you wish to view the history, and click History.

a screenshot of the wiki drop down menu with HIstory highlighted

 2. You will be shown the version listing of that wiki page, displaying when each version was created, its size, and by whom. To compare different versions to see the differences, place checkmarks beside two versions (for example, the very first versions and the very last), and click the Compare Versions button.

a screenshot of the Page History

 3. A Page Comparison dialog box will open showing comparison details and the article with color highlighting to depict what has been erased (red highlight) and what has been added (green highlight).

a screenshot of the page comparions dialog box

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