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Adding a Web Link in Blackboard Learn

Creating a Web Link (adding a URL) is a great way to lead students to information by giving them a quick access point.

Adding a Web Link

  1. Log into Blackboard Learn and enter the course.
  2. Make sure that Edit Mode is turned ON at the top right‐hand corner of the page.
a screenshot of the Blackboard Home Page with the edit mode toggle set to ON

 3. Access a Content Area or folder in which you would like to add your web link and click BuildContent.

a screenshot of the Course Content area with an arrow pointing to Build Content

 4. From the drop-down list select Web Link.

a screenshot of the Build Content menu with an arrow pointing to Web Link

 5. Type the name and URL of your link. You may also add an optional description.Leave the checkbox unchecked where you see ‘This link is to a Tool Provider”  unless specified by a third party vendor.

 Tip: Copy the URL from your browser and paste it into the URL field. Note: The URL must be in the correct format, such as

a screenshot of the Create Web Link dialog box

 6. Additionally, you can attach a file. This step is optional.

 7. Adjust the Options.

a screenshot of the Attachements and Options fields

8. Click Submit.

All new content appears at the bottom of the area in which it was added. You may need to scroll to the bottom if you have existing content in this area of your course.

Tip: Click the WebLink that you have just created to be sure that it works.

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