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VoiceThread: Create Links in Blackboard

VoiceThread (VT) is an excellent tool for creating interactive multimedia presentations and discussions. VT is a third party tool integrated in Blackboard via Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). LTI seamlessly links students from Blackboard to their VT accounts and content. Major benefits of using LTI links include syncing with your student roster and Grade Center. This document describes the process of creating VT links in Blackboard. In a separate document, we describe the different kinds of VT items to which you can link.

Create VoiceThread Links

  1. Navigate to any content area of your course.
  2. Click the Tools button.
  3. Select VoiceThread from the menu.

a screenshot of the course content Tools menu expanded with VoiceThread selected

Configure VoiceThread Links

  1. Enter a title for the link and an optional description.
  2. Ignore the options under “Personal Data” as these options cannot be changed.
a screenshot of the Personal Data and Custom Parameters sections being ignored

   3. Important: If you plan to setup the VT link as a graded assignment, then all options under the “Extension Services” header must be selected.

Note: Ignore any “unsaved changes” warning icons that appear to the left of the options. These changes are saved when you click “Submit.”


   4. At the bottom of the setup page, you will also find standard options to restrict the link availability and assign it to groups .

a screenshot of the Extension Services options



    1. Click Submit to create the link.
    • Note: you still need to choose what kind of VT you are linking to (Course View, Home, Individual VT, or Assignment). Another document discusses these options in detail.

  2. Click Submit and Launch if you want to continue to the next step and setup your VT content/assignments.

a screenshot of the Submit and Submit and Launch buttons