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Uploading Grades from Excel

Instructors can grade offline and then import grades into the Grade Center. Blackboard recommends using tab-delimited files for uploading into the Grade Center. Tab-delimited files will open directly in Microsoft Excel.

To obtain a file that is formatted correctly for uploading, first follow the steps outlined in the document titled Download the Full Grade Center. Once you’ve input all grades, save the Excel file and proceed with the following steps.

Upload Grades from Excel

     1. Once you enter the Grade Center, click the Work Offline button, and select Upload.

screenshot of the grade center showing the upload option

     2. On the “Upload Grades” page, click the Browse My Computer button.

screenshot of the choose file menu

     3. Select the file name of the grade spreadsheet and then click Open.

screenshot of the open menu

     4. Click Submit.

screenshot of the upload screen

     5. On the Confirmation page, use check boxes to select or deselect any columns of the  spreadsheet that you want to be uploaded in the Grade Center.

Note: Existing grades in the Blackboard Grade Center will not be overridden by the grades imported from the Excel file. If you would like the grades of the Excel file to populate all fields in the Grade Center, clear or ignore any existing attempts.

screenshot of the grade center with updated grades 

     6. After you finish selecting columns to include, click Submit.

     7. You should now see your Grade Center with updated grades corresponding to your changes within the Excel spreadsheet.