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Understanding Tabs

Courses and Information

When you log in to Blackboard, you are taken directly to the Courses and Information tab. It contains links to your account settings and information about your UHD Blackboard courses.

a screenshot of the Courses and Information Tab in the Blackboard Home Screen

By default the Courses and Information tab displays the Tools, My Courses, My Announcements, and any modules you add to the customizable page.

a screenshot of the Information Tab modules default

You can also add modules by clicking the Add Module button.

a screenshot of the Add Module button

Personalize Page: Select a color palette for all the elements on the My Blackboard page.

a screenshot of the Personalize Page button

a screenshot of the Personalize Page menu

Reorder Icon: Click to reorder the modules on this page.

a screenshot of the Reorder icon on a module

Notifications Dashboard

Blackboard Learn provides timely and actionable Notifications of Instructor's course information, including when new content becomes available and when Student submitted assignments and tests are available for grading. Notifications are displayed in modules within Bb Learn and are available by default.

a screenshot of the Notifications Dashboard with different modules highlighted

Organizations Tab

The Organizations tab displays a list of current organization courses that you belong to. Use the links in the organization list to access information posted by members of your organization.

a screenshot of the Organizations tab

Content Collection Tab

The Content Collection functions as a virtual hard drive that can be accessed from any computer by logging into a user’s Blackboard account.

a screenshot of the Content Collection tab

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