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Turnitin Assignments

Turnitin is an online plagiarism checker that runs papers through a series of databases to check for already existing content within a student’s paper. Turnitin can be used for online plagiarism detection, grammar check, and as a grading tool.

Create a Turnitin Assignment

  1. First, make sure that Edit Mode is set to ON.
  2. You can only add a Turnitin assignment to a content area. Enter the content area in which you would like to place a Turnitin assignment. In this example, the content area is called Turnitin Assignments.
  3. Click the Build Content button, select Turnitin.
Red box highlighting the menu for building content, turnitin link highlighted by a red box with an arrow pointing towards it.  
The first time you create a Turnitin assignment, you will need to confirm that you are at least 13 years of age. Click the I agree – continue button.
Red box highlighting the I Agree button to the terms and agreement statement presented.

  1. Type in the assignment’s Title and Max Grade.
  2. Choose a Start, Due and Feedback Release Date for this assignment. In this example, the Turnitin assignment will be called “Plagiarism Checker.”
Red boxes highlighting the menu options for providing a title, max grade, date availability, and assignment instructions.

  1. In the Optional Settings menu, there are several controls available, including:
  • Allow late submissions
  • Allow students to see the similarity report results
  • Exclude searching for bibliographic content from student papers
  • Exclude searching for quoted content in student papers
  • Exclude small matches
  • Select which paper databases you include in the search
  • After you have made your selections, scroll down and click submit.
  • You will see the newly created assignment in your content area. For example, we labeled the Turnitin link "Signature Assignment" in the figure below:

Turnitin link for assignment created named "Signature Assignment".  

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