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Turnitin: Legacy Assignment Grading

Instructors may receive an error message (filesys.err.dir.attempt) when attempting to view Turnitin submissions from the Grade Center. You may use the workaround found below, but the ultimate solution will be to recreate your assignments using the new Turnitin LTI. You may find instructions for creating new Turnitin assignments here:  /computing/blackboard/training/turnitin-creating.aspx 

Note: You may want to use this workaround for this semester and then upgrade your assignments for the upcoming semester. You will lose student work if you delete assignments where students have already submitted.

Workaround: Access Legacy Assignments through the Turnitin Assignment Inbox

If your assignments were created prior to August 15, 2021 (prior to the Turnitin LTI update) and then recopied into subsequent courses, we call these “Legacy Assignments". 

1. Log into Blackboard and select the course you are working in. Locate the Turnitin assignment that you want to grade. Click View/ Complete.

Turnitin Legacy link with older icon. Click View/Complete


2. You will be taken to the Turnitin dashboard. Click the Messages link in the top right corner.

Tunritin Messages in the  top corner 


3. Next click on the Assignment Inbox tab.

Legacy view of assignment inbox

4. You will now see the legacy view of the Assignment Inbox. A list will appear displaying the list of submissions for each student. 

5. Click the Pencil icon to open the Turnitin Feedback Studio and begin grading. 

6. Grades will automatically display in the Blackboard Grade Center.

Turnitin grading interface with a red square surrounding a pencil icon


*We recommend updating your Turnitin links within your course to take advantage of the rich new features that Turnitin has released.

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