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Grading Test/Quizzes

Grading tests within Blackboard is automated; however, subjective test questions, such as essays, must be graded manually. Instructors have a number of options within the Grade Center that provide them with flexibility in grading tests

Grading a Test/Quiz

  1. Enter the course where the test was deployed.
  2. Locate the Grade Center. This is where you will grade the test.
  3. Under the Course Management Menu, click Grade Center.
  4. Click Tests.
a screenshot of the Course Management area with the Grade Center drop down menu expanded and Tests circled

5. The Grade Center should now be visible. Locate the grading column that contains the test grades.

a screenshot of the Grade Center main page

6. You may manually override any test grades by clicking directly on the grade number and typing in a new grade. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to finalize.

a screenshot of the Input Grade field

Grade Test Attempts

  1. You may also view each student’s test submission and override points for individual questions. In the Grade Center under the test’s column, click the action link that appears next to the student’s grade when you hover over the grade.
  2. A drop-down menu will appear. From the list, select View Grade Details.
a screenshot of the Grade Details drop down menu

3. In the “Grade Details” window, you will see
an overview of the student’s test information.

4. To provide feedback to the student, click Manual Override and then use the “Feedback to Learner” area.

a screenshot of the Manual Override tab with the Feedback field

5. To view the student’s attempts, look in the “Current Grade” area of the page, and click View Attempts.

a screenshot of the View Attempts button

6. In the “Grade Test” window, you will now see the student’s attempt. You may grade each question manually from this screen using the Grade text field beside each question.

a screenshot of the manual grade entry field

7. Once you have changed the points achieved per question, you must click the Save and Exit button at either the top or bottom of the page. Or, if you are re-grading multiple students’ answers, you may click Save and Next to move to the next student’s submission.

a screenshot of the Save and Exit and Save and Next buttons

Reset Test Attempts

By default, students are not allowed to access a test or survey more than once. If you permit students to access an assessment only once, you may occasionally need to clear a student’s assessment attempt so that she or he can access the assessment a second time. For example, you might want to allow a student to access a test again, if his or her computer crashed or lost its connection to the network.

  • a. To permanently delete the attempt made by the student, click the Clear Attempt button. Caution! This action cannot be undone
  • b. Click on the Ignore Attempt button to ignore a student’s attempt.

When choosing Ignore Attempt, student will be able to submit the assignment or test again; however, unlike Clear Attempt, his/her previous attempt will be kept in case you need it in the future. After performing the ignore action, the button’s name will change to Do Not Ignore Attempt allowing you to undo the ignore action if necessary.

a screenshot of the clear attempt and ignore attempt options

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