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Adding Graphics to a Test

Instructors can add images to Blackboard test questions or questions that reside in a pool. A setting that will allow the images to be added to the question must be enabled first.

Allow Images

1. Login to Blackboard and enter your course.

2. In the Control Panel, click the arrow next to Course Tools to open the menu.

3. Select Tests, Surveys and Pools.

4. Click the section where the test question you would like to add graphics to resides (Tests or Pools).

a screenshot of the Course Tools Drop down menu with the Tests, Survey, and Pools option highlighted and the Tests section

5. Click the action link that appears next to the test where you’d like to add a picture and select Edit.

a screenshot of the Tests section with the Test action menu drop down expanded and the edit option highlighted

6. To add a picture to the answer of a question, click the Question Settings button on the upper right.

a screenshot of the Question Settings option

7. Under Images, Files, and Web Links, click the box next to Add images, files, and external links to answers.

8. Click Submit.

a screenshot of the Images, Files, and Web Links check boxes with the option to Add images checked

Create a Question with an Image

1. Click the Create Question button and select the type of question you would like to create. Alternatively, you may edit a question you have already created.

2. Click the Show More (downward chevron) button in the upper right corner of the content editor.

a screenshot of the Question entry field with the Show More chevron highlighted

3. You will now have the option to attach images, files, sounds, videos and more to your test.

4. Click the Insert/Edit Image button to add an image.

a screenshot of the Insert/Edit Image option

5. Add an image from one of the
following sources:

  • Paste a URL to link to an
    online image,
  • Click Browse My
    Computer for local files on
    your hard drive
  • Choose an item that is
    already in the Content

6. Optionally, you may enter an Image Description and/or Title.

a screenshot of the Image URL field with Description and Title fields

7. Click Insert, once you are complete.

a screenshot of the Insert button

8. Preview the question by clicking the Preview button in the right corner.

a screenshot of the Preview option in the toolbar

9. Continue to enter options, answers, feedback and any other information that pertains to the question. When you have finished, scroll to the bottom and then click Submit.

a screenshot of the Submit button

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