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Uploading a Syllabus

Before adding a syllabus to your Blackboard course, you may want to create a content area for the syllabus. Alternatively, you may use an existing content area.
In the following example we will create a content area called “Syllabus” and then add the Syllabus to the course.

Create a Content Area for the Syllabus

1. Log in to Blackboard

2. Select the course for which you would like to add the Syllabus.

a screenshot of the Blackboard Home Page with th edit mode toggle set to ON

3. Click the plus sign at the top left of the course navigation box and select Content Area.

a screenshot of the Add drop down menu with Content Areas selected

4. A box appears allowing you to type a name for the content area. Next, decide if you want to make the link available to Users (students) and then click Submit.

5. The new content area will appear at the bottom of the course menu.

6. To enter the empty content area, click its title.

a screenshot of the Add Content Area dialog box with the Name field filled in

Upload a Word or PDF Syllabus

1. Once inside the content area, click the Build Content button, and select Syllabus.

a screenshot of the Build Content drop down menu and Syllabus has been selected

2. In the Add Syllabus area, you may choose a name for your syllabus, such as “English 1301 Syllabus.”

3. If you are using a Word or PDF document for a syllabus, click the radio button next to Use Existing File.

4. Browsing options will appear. Click Browse My Computer.

a screenshot of the Add Syllabus menu with Name, Create option and Browse options all highlighted

5. A window will open allowing you to search through your computer’s files and find your syllabus. Select the syllabus and click Open.

a screenshot of the File Upload menu

6. Confirm that the syllabus is listed under Attached Files.

a screenshot of the Syllabus screen with the Syllabus file attached

7. Click the Submit button.

8. You will be taken to an area where you may edit the name again, add a description, remove the attached syllabus (if you accidentally chose the wrong file) and choose availability options. After you have made your selections, scroll down and click Submit again.

a screenshot of the Edit Item screen

9. The syllabus is now an item in the “Syllabus” content area. To view from a student perspective, turn Edit Mode to OFF and click the attachment.

a screenshot of the Syllabus item fully completed

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