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Submitting an Assignment

Assignments list the name, description, and attachments for class work. Your instructor provides you all the information you need to complete the assignment. You can include comments for your instructor before you submit your work. You may upload files to complete the assignment from your computer or type in the submission area.
Be sure to always follow the instructions given to you by your instructor.

How to Submit an Assignment

1. You should be logged into Blackboard. Enter the course of the assignment you wish to submit by clicking its title in the course list.

a screenshot of the Course with an assignment due

2. The Assignment Tool allows you to view and submit assignments online. This tool can be placed in any content area in Blackboard, but many professors will add an Assignments area to the Course Tools Menu.

3. Select Assignments.

4. Click the title of the Assignment.

a screenshot of the Assignments option int he navigation pane and the Assignment in the Assignments area
A new screen will load where you will see instructions, a due date, points possible, an area to type comments, and the ability to attach a file.
a screenshot of the Assignments Information screen

5. When you are ready to submit an Assignment, type your response in the Submission Area, by clicking Write Submission or click Browse My Computer to attach your file. Refer to your professor's instructions to see if he or she has a preference of how they would like you to submit your assignments.

a screenshot of the Assignment Submission screen with the Submission Area and Attach a File options highlighted
Note: Do NOT type your submission in the Comments area. This is strictly for notes to your instructor.

6. If you want to submit later, click Save as Draft instead of Submit.

7. If you are ready to submit your Assignment for grading, click Submit.

Note: If you choose to Save as Draft, your instructor will not be able to see your submission until you Submit the assignment.
a screenshot of the Submit button

8. After you click Submit, you will be able to view your Submission History.

a screenshot of the Submission History screen with the assignment is complete success notificaiton

Confirming Assignment Completion

After you submit an assignment, you should see a confirmation like the one above. If for any reason you did not, navigate to the assignment again and click the title of the assignment.

1. You will be taken to the Review Submission History page.

2. You will be able to see:

  • a. The assignment details and the grade for the assignment, if it has been graded.
  • b. Each attempt you have submitted or saved as drafts.
  • c. The text or file of the Submission.
  • d. The option to create another attempt, if your instructor has given multiple attempts for the assignment.
a screenshot of the Review Submission History screen

3. Once you have finished reviewing your assignment, click Ok.

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