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Student Preview

The Student Preview tool has experienced some changes with SP15. The location from where to turn on Student Preview has been changed to the top right corner, next to themes and edit mode. The tool will now prompt you to save or dismiss the data you create as a student. That is, if you take a test attempt or submit an assignment, you can set it to delete those attempts after you switch back to instructor mode.

Entering Student Preview

1. On the top right corner click the Student Preview icon.

a screenshot of the Blackboard home page with the Student Preview button in the upper right hand corner

2. An Orange Bar with the Words “Entering Student Preview” will appear above the class.

a screenshot of the home page with the Entering Student Preview notification at the top of the screen

3. When it finishes loading, it will say “Student Preview Mode is ON”

a screenshot of the Student Preview Mode is On notification

4. You can now interact with the course and have the same permissions as a student. You can participate in assignments, view your grades, take exams, and view content items that are currently turned on.

Student Preview: Settings and Exiting

1. On the top right corner click on Exit Preview

2. By default you will be prompted with a warning and some setting options.

a screenshot of the Preview Mode notification bar with the Settings and Exit Preview buttons

3. The window will warn that you are exiting student preview mode and that the created demo student can affect or impact course experience. It will ask you if: (1) You want to delete the preview user and all data (recommended) or (2) keep the preview user and all data. (3) Remember your choice and do not ask again.

a screenshot of the Exit Student Preview menu and its options

4. Select the option that works best for you and click Continue. And you will have exited Student Preview.

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