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Blackboard Messages

Messages are a private and secure text-based communication that occurs within a Blackboard course and among course members. Although similar to email, users must be logged into the Course to read and send Messages.

Making the Messages Tool Available

1. Login to Blackboard to enter the course you wish to send Messages in.

2. Make sure Edit Mode is ON.

a screenshot of the Blackboard Home page with the edit mode toggle set to on  

3. At the top left, click the Add button and select Tool Link.

4. From the drop-down menu, select Messages and give your button a title.

a screenshot of the Add Tool Link drop down menu with Course Messages selected  

5. Make the item visible to students by placing a checkmark beside Available to Users. Click Submit.

a screenshot of the Add Tool Link dialog box with the Name Field filled out and the Submit button selected  

Sending Messages

1. Click the Messages button you created.

a screenshot of the Course Content menu  

2. Click Create Message

a screenshot of the Course Messages screen with the Create Message button selected  

3. Select the Recipients using the To, Cc, and Bcc buttons.

a screenshot of the Compose Message screen  

4. A list of enrolled course members will be displayed. Select your intended recipient(s) from the Select Recipients area and use the move selection, “>”, button to move them to the Recipients section.

a screenshot of the Recipients screen  

5. Type in a Subject.

6. Type your message in the Body.

a screenshot of the Compose Message screen with the Subject and Body fields highlighted  

7. To upload an attachment, click on the Choose File button.

a screenshot of the Choose File button to upload an attachement  

8. Click Submit.

a screenshot of the Submit button  

Create a Folder

1. In the Course Messages area, select Create Folder.

a screenshot of the Course Messages screen with an arrow pointing at the Create Folder option  

2. Type in a name.

3. Click Submit.

a screenshot of the Add Folder screen  

Reading Messages

1. To read Messages, click on a Folder, locate the desired Message, and click on the Subject link.

2. Click on the inbox folder to read the new messages.

a screenshot of the Folder Menu under Course Messages  

3. Any unread messages will have a close envelop on the Status column. Click on the Subject to read the message.

a screenshot of the Folder: Inbox screen showing Messages  

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