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Blackboard: Emails

Instructors can send email to individuals who participate in the Course from the Send Email page. Emails can be sent to individual users or to groups of users within the Course, such as all Student Users.

Locating the Email Tool

1. Log into Blackboard learn and enter your course.

2. On the home page click on Course Tools and click on Send Email.

a screenshot of the Blackboard Home screen with the Course Tools drop down menu expanded and an arrow pointing at Send Email  
Note: Instructors can only send e-mails to individuals in their class using this e-mail function.

3. Select one of the options of user(s) in the panel. For this example select Single/Select Users.

a screenshot of the Send Email screen with an arrow pointing at the Single/Select Users option  

Selecting the Users

1. You will be taken to a page where you will compose the email.

2. For the Select Users or Select Groups, select the recipients in the Available to Select box and click the right-pointing arrow to move them into the Selected box. A back arrow is available to move a user out of the recipient list. Click Invert Selection and highlighted users are no longer highlighted and those users that are not selected will be highlighted.

a screenshot of the Single/Select Users screen with an arrow showing the Available to Select field going to the Selected field  

3. Type your Subject.

4. Type your Message. A copy of the message is sent to the sender. A receipt page appears after the message is sent listing all recipients. The receipt page does not confirm that users received the message. It only confirms that the message was sent.

a screenshot of the Email screen with the Subject Field noted by a circled 3 and the Message Field noted by a circled 4  

5. Click Attach a file to browse for files on your computer. You can attach multiple files. After you add one file, the option to attach another file appears.

a screenshot of the Attach a File option  

6. Click Submit

a screenshot of the Submit button  

Note: A copy of the email will be sent to your Outlook email inbox.

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