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Select Group Members

With the new All Users page, instructors creating one group or a group set can now search and select the members much faster.

Add Members to a Group

1. Inside the course, go to Users and Groups. Expand the list and click on Groups.

a screenshot of the Users and Group drop down menu with an arrow pointig to Groups

2. Hover over Create, and select Manual Enroll. Note: It does not matter if it is a single group or a group set.

3. Click on Add Users.

a screenshot of the Edit Group Set Enrollments screen with an arrow pointing to Add Users

4. A smaller window will appear with the class roster.

5. Check the box next to their names and click Submit.

a screenshot of the Add Users screen with a circled number 1 next to the check all box and a circled number 2 next to submit

6. Repeat steps 3 through 4 to any remaining groups.

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