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Blackboard Learn: Organize Content

Tools for Organization

Some of the most commonly-used tools to organize your content in Blackboard Learn are:

  • Content Areas – pages where you can add information, media, links, mashups and more
  • Content Folders – just like in your computer, you can create a new folder to separate content

Create a Content Area

Content Areas are the most commonly created type of page in Blackboard Learn, because you can put almost anything and everything on them. The Content Area is where you will see these important buttons:

  • A. Build Content – add information, media, links, mashups, etc.
  • B. Create Assessment – add tests, surveys and assignments
  • C. Add Interactive Tool – add discussion boards, blog/journal, chat, groups, etc.
  • D. Assign Textbook – associate a textbook with the course (from a database or manually)

a screenshot of the Content Area drop down menus  

  1. Log into Blackboard and enter the course.
  2. Make sure that Edit Mode is set to ON at the top right-hand corner of the page.
a screenshot of the the Edit Mode toggle set to on  
  1. To create a content area in your course, hover over the plus sign at the top left of the course
    navigation menu. A drop-down menu will appear. Click the first option, Create Content Area.
a screenshot of the add drop down menu with Content Area selected  
  1. A box will appear, allowing you to type a name, make it available with a checkmark, and click
a screenshot of the Add Content Area Name box  
  1. Click the title of the new content area, which will appear at the bottom of the course navigation menu. Once inside the content area, you may begin building.

a screenshot of the location of the new Content Area  

Create a Content Folder

You may only create content folders in a content area. The folder will allow you to categorize a large amount of information you have added (or plan to add) to a content area.

  1. Once inside the content area you wish to add a folder to, click the Build Content button, and select Content Folder. In this example, the content area is called “Chapter 3 Files,” which has been loaded with Excel, PowerPoint, Word and PDF files. If you had an abundance of each type of file, you may wish to create folders to separate categories.
a screenshot of the Build Content drop down menu with Content Folder selected  
  1. In this example, the first folder will be called “Excel Files.” Type its name and the text area is optional.
a screenshot of the Create Content Folder name and description fields  
  1. Scroll down. You will find Standard Options in all elements through-out Blackboard Learn. They include: 
  • a. Permit Users to View this Content – You may choose to make it unavailable until finished
  • b. Track Number of Views – See how many students have clicked this item
  • c. Select Date and Time Restrictions – choose a day/time to display and stop displaying the item
a screenshot of the Standard Options fields  
  • Scroll down and click Submit.

a screenshot of the Submit button  

Your new folder will appear at the bottom of the list of items on the content area.

a screenshot of the Folder now embedded in your course  

Move Existing Files into a Content Folder

  1. Click the action link next to the file you wish to move, and select Move.
a screenshot of the Action drop down menu with the Move option selected  
  1. You will be taken to the Move area. You may move the file to a different course by choosing from the drop-down menu next to Destination Course. In this example, we are moving the file to a new folder within the same course, so simply click the Browse… button.
a screenshot of the Move dialog box with the Destination drop down menu highlighted and the Browse option circled  
  1. A pop-up will appear. Select the folder you wish to move the file into; in this case, Excel Files.
a screenshot of the Browse dialog box  
  1. After clicking the folder, the pop-up disappears and the location populates in the Destination Folder. Scroll down and click Submit.
a screenshot of the Destination Folder being set and the Submit button is circled  
  1. The file will disappear from where it had been prior to the move. If you click the title of new folder you created, you will see that your file is inside.

a screenshot of the content area with the moved file no longer on it  

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