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Notifications Dashboard - For Students

What a Notifications Dashboard Is

The notifications dashboard has modules that automatically update through out the semester. Examples of modules boxes that may be present in this area include Calendar, Announcements, What’s New, To Do, Tasks and more.

On the My Blackboard Tab

Students may add or remove modules on their personal My Blackboard tab. These are the default modules visible on the My Blackboard tab when you first login.

  • Tools – displays links to various tools in Blackboard such as mail, grades and directory.
  • Browser Test – checker to determine if your browser is optimized for Blackboard.
  • Announcements (permanent) – displays announcements from all courses.
  • My Calendar – displays calendar entries from last 7 days of all courses.
  • My Organizations – should display “Blackboard Support Organization” for all enrolled.
  • My Tasks – displays all tasks from all courses in which you are enrolled.
  • My Courses (permanent) – displays a list of all the courses in which you participate.
  • Mobile Learning Update (permanent) – Blackboard ads.

Within a Specific Course

Within a specific course, only the instructor can add, remove, or move modules. Your professor may have named the button something such as “Alerts” or “Notifications” or set it as the “Home Page.”

Common Course Modules

Prior to modification, the notifications dashboard has the following default modules:

  • My Announcements – displays the last 7 days’ announcements, including institutional announcements. Its title will be displayed as a link allowing students to click to view the announcement.
  • What’s New – displays a list of new items added, such as added files, links, blogs, assignments , etc.
  • To Do – displays due dates for tasks and assignments, offering a broad-spectrum view of deadlines over the course of the whole semester.
  • My Messages – displays number of unread messages available as a link.

Please note that these modules vary depending on which modules your professor chose to add or remove.

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