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Blackboard Learn: YouTube Mashup

A mashup is a connection Blackboard Learn makes to other online software programs. YouTube is a free online video resource.

Add a YouTube Video

  1. First, decide where you wish to add a YouTube video. Mashups can only be added to Content Areas. To learn how to create a content area, click the Add Content button found in this course.
  2. Next, make sure that Edit Mode is set to ON.
a screenshot of the Content Area with the Edit Mode toggled to ON  

3. In this example, the instructor has created a “Videos” content area of her course. Click the content area where you wish to add a YouTube Video.

a screenshot of the Content Area  

4. In the content area, click the Build Content button. In the drop-down that appears, find the Mashups area and select YouTube Video.

a screenshot of the Build Content drop down menu with YouTube Video selected  

5. You will be taken to an area with a search field. In the following drop-down, you may choose between four search options: all of the words, at least one of the words, without the words and exact phrase.

a screenshot of the Search for a YouTube Video dialog box with search options and Language highlighted  

6. Type in your search word or phrase, select the search criteria, and click

a screenshot of the Go button after search criteria has been filled in  

7. YouTube will return a list of video results, each with a thumbnail. To preview a video, click its Preview button. To use the video in your content area, click its Select button.

a screenshot of the Preview and Select buttons in the YouTube video search results  

8. When you click Preview the video will appear and you may click the “Play” button to watch it.

a screenshot of the Preview pop-up screen  

9. Once you click “Select” on a video, you will then give it a name and description (optional).

a screenshot of the Name and Description areas in the Create Mashup Item dialog box  

10. Scroll down for more options like giving the video a thumbnail, linking to the video or embedding it directly in the page, and whether or not to show YouTube information.

a screenshot of the Mashup Options dialog box  

11. After selecting any attachments, permissions, or date criteria, click Submit.

a screenshot of the submit button  

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