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Blackboard Learn: SlideShare Mashup

A mashup is a connection Blackboard Learn makes to other online software programs. Slideshare is a free online presentation software that emulates PowerPoint.

Add a Slideshare Presentation

  1. First, decide where you wish to add a Slideshare presentation. Mashups can only be added in Content Areas. To learn how to create a content area, click the Add Content button found in this course.
  2. Next, make sure that Edit Mode is set to ON.
a screenshot of the Edit Mode Toggle showing ON  

3. In this example, the fictional professor has created a “Presentation” content area of her course. Click the content area to which you wish to add a presentation.

a screenshot of the Presentation Content Area  

4. In the content area, click the Build Content button. In the drop-down that appears, find the Mashups area and select SlideShare Presentation.

a screenshot of the Build Content drop down menu with the SlideShare Presentation option highlighted  

5. You will be taken to an area with a search field. Type in your search criteria term and click Go.

a screenshot of the Search for SlideShare Presentation dialog box  

6. Slideshare will return a list of presentation results, each with a thumbnail. To preview a presentation, click its Preview button. To use the presentation in your content area, click its Select button.

a screenshot of the Preview and Select buttons  

7. When you click Preview, the first slide will appear and you may click the “Next” arrow to progress through the presentation.

a screenshot of the Preview pop-up screen  

8. Once you click “Select” on a presentation, you will then give it a name and description (optional).

a screenshot of the Name and Description dialog boxes  

9. Scroll down for more options like giving the presentation a thumbnail, linking to the presentation or embedding it directly in the page, and whether or not to show Slideshare information.

a screenshot of the Mashup Options dialog box with View and Show SlideShare URL and Information highlighted  

10. After selecting any attachments, permissions, or date criteria, click Submit.

a screenshot of the Submit button  

11. The Slideshare presentation will appear as an item on the content page you chose. Turn Edit Mode OFF to view the presentation from a student perspective.

a screenshot of the final uploaded content area with Edit Mode toggled to OFF  

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