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Share Course Files from OneDrive to Blackboard

Instructors may upload course files, assignments, or PowerPoint files in OneDrive, and then share these files in their Blackboard courses for students to review. These files can be edited in OneDrive, and they will be reflected to Blackboard automatically. You no long need to download, revise, and upload these course files into Blackboard every semester. 
1. Upload course files to OneDrive. (See instructions for getting started with One Drive)
2. Select the file you want to share, and click Copy link
OneDrive select the file and then select copy link
3. Click the right arrow to show the Link settings.
Click the arrow to show Link Settings
4. In this area, you will want to make the following changes:
a. Make sure People in University of Houston-Downtown is selected for in the "Who would you like this link to work for?" section. 
Note: If you want any external uses to access this link, you can select “Anyone with this link”.
b. Uncheck Allow editing
c. Select Block download if you only allow students to view the file. 
Note: This option is not available for the video file. 
d. Select Apply.
Settings for sharing with Blackboard course
5. Click Copy. Then, close the window.
Copy the link after applying the settings
6. Go to your Blackboard course. 
7. Select the content area where you want the document to appear and click Build Content, and then Web Link
In Blackboard content area: Build content, web link
8. In the “Create Web Link” window: 
a. Enter the name for this link. 
b. Press Ctrl + V keys together to paste this link. 
c. In the Web Link Options section, under "Open in New Window" make sure Yes is selected. 
(IMPORTANT: If you select No, the file can’t be opened.) 
d. Click Submit.
Important to open the file in a new window 
A file is shared in Blackboard course content. If you edit the file in OneDrive, it will be updated to Blackboard automatically.
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