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Group Management: User Group Enrollment

A new feature of the latest update is the ability to see who is in a group from the All Users Tab.

Access the All Users Tab

  1. Inside of the course go to the control panel and expand the Users and Groups menu. Click on Groups.
a screenshot fo the Course Management menu showing Users and Groups expanded  

2. On the top right corner you will see: All Groups, Group Sets, All Users. Select All Users

a screenshot of the All Groups, Group Sets, and All Users button  

3. The last column, named Groups, will show if the student has been enrolled in a group or not.

Modifying Group Membership

  1. Inside of the All Users Tab, you can remove or add users to one or more groups.
a screenshot of where the Add to Group command is on each user  

2. Hover on the row of the specific user you want to edit Group Membership.

3. The option to “Add to Group” will appear.

a screenshot of the Add to Group button

4. A small window with a dropdown menu with existing Groups will appear and you can select the group in which to enroll the student. Click Submit.

a screenshot of the Select a Group drop down menu and the submit buttons  
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