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Blackboard Learn: Grade Center - Email Students

If you wish to email a student while working in the Grade Center, there is a fast and easy way. Please note, that when you email students from the Grade Center, they will receive the email in their UHD GatorMail account, and it will appear to be from your UHD mail account.

Email Students from the Grade Center

1. Enter the course, and make sure Edit Mode is set to ON.
2. Scroll down to the control panel on the left, and click Grade Center.
3. From the options that expand, select Full Grade Center.

Course management control panel, expand Grade Center choose the Full Grade Center

4. Find the student(s) you wish to email, and click the Checkbox that appears to the left of their name(s).

In the Grade Center choose the student you want to contact by email. 

5. Select Email.
6. Select Email Selected Users.
7. The email will automatically be addressed to the student you selected. Type in a subject and message.
8. If you would like the names of the recipients to appear in the email message, check the Include list of recipients checkbox.
9. Scroll down and attach any files you wish to include.
10.Click Submit.

Hover over email and select whether you will email users, users and the observers or only observers for selected users.