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Blackboard Learn: Grade Center (Navigating)

Locate the Grade Center

  1. Log in to Blackboard Learn.
  2. Enter the course in which you would like to begin using the Grade Center.
  3. Make sure that the Edit Mode Button is ON.
a screenshot of the Edit Mode Button indicator  

4. Under the Course Management Menu, click Grade Center. Next, click Full Grade Center.

a screenshot of the Full Grade Center found under the Grade Center drop down menu  


Create Columns

Columns are added into the Grade Center automatically for Discussion Boards, Assignments, Tests and Surveys. Grades can also be entered manually by creating a Grade Column.

  1. Once inside the Grade Center, click the Create Column button.
a screenshot of the Create Column button in the Full Grade Center view  

2. Enter a Column Name. This is a formal name for the column. This field accepts only 15 characters.

3. Enter a Grade Center Display Name. The Grade Center is the only area where this name is used.

4. Type a Description. A description helps Instructors and other graders to identify the column.

5. Select a Primary Display option from the drop-down list. This is the grade format.

6. Select a Secondary Display from the drop-down list. The secondary display is indicated by parentheses in the Grade Center.

7. You may also select a Category for this column; decide what type of graded item it is.

a screenshot of the Column Information screen  

8. Continue to scroll down. In the Points Possible field, type the maximum grade value. You may also add an associated Rubric as needed.

a screenshot of the Points Possible field  

9. Continue to scroll down. If you wish to specify a due date for this column, place a checkmark beside Due Date and add a date and time by using the small calendar and clock icons next to each field.

a screenshot of the Due Date and Due Time fields  

10. Continue to scroll down. In the Options area, you may select either Yes or No for the following:

      • a. Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations – the column is included in the possible selections of items when creating calculated columns.
      • b. Show this Column to Students – Grades are shown in My Grades, View Grades, and the Report Card module when available.
      • c. Show Statistics – Displays average and mean statistics.

11. After verifying your column settings, click Submit to add the column to the Grade Center.

a screenshot of the Options screen and the submit button  


Edit Columns

  1. Click the action link in the desired column header.
  2. Click Edit Column Information.
a screenshot of the action link drop down menu and the Edit Column Information option selected  

3. Now in the Edit Column area, you may change any of the properties that were set in the “Create Columns” section previous to this one.

4. Scroll down and click Submit to save the changes.

a screenshot of the Submit button  

Reorder Columns (and Other Features)

  1. In the Grade Center, click the Manage button.
a screenshot of the Manage button in the Full Grade Center  
  1. From the drop-down menu, click Column Organization.
a screenshot of the Manage drop down menu with the Column Organization option highlighted  

3. All available columns will be listed. In this area, you may perform the following actions:

      • a. Show/Hide – hide a column from students
      • b. Click and drag – use the click and drag icon to re-order the columns
      • c. Change Category to… - change the category of a column
      • d. Freeze bar – drag the gray “freeze bar” to freeze specific columns in the gradebook
      • e. Sort – click the action link next to column titles to sort them
a screenshot of the Available Column menu and its options  

4. Click Submit to save your changes.

a screenshot of the Submit button