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Check for Users’ Last Course Access in Blackboard

The “Last Access” column, which is included by default in the grade center, contains the date of the last course access for each user.

Locating the Last Access Column in the Grade Center

  1. Enter the course, and make sure Edit Mode is set to ON.
  2. Scroll down to the control panel on the left, and click Grade Center.
  3. From the options that expand, select Full Grade Center.
a screenshot of the Grade Center menu expanded and Full Grade Center selected  

4. The last access column is located with the other default columns in Blackboard (Last Name, First Name, Username, Student ID, Last Access, and Availability).

a screenshot of the Full Grade Center with the Last Access column shown  


Finding a Hidden Last Access Column

  1. If this column is not visible it could be hidden and can be added by showing that column..
  2. Move the cursor over the Manage button and select Column Organization.
a screenshot of the manage drop down menu with Column Organization selected  

3. The default columns are displayed at the top of the page and will be marked hidden if they are not visible in the full grade center.

a screenshot of the Shown in All Grade Center Views menu expanded to show Last Access (Hidden) highlighted  

4. Select the box and change the Show/Hide button to show selected columns.

5. Select Submit to save.

a screenshot of the Check box for Last Access (Hidden) checked and the show selected columns option highlighted