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Blackboard Grade Center – Icon Legend

The Grade Center in Blackboard comes with a legend of icons that you will see in the grading cells through-out the semester. To see the icon legend, follow these steps:

Icon Legend

  1. Enter the course, and make sure Edit Mode is set to ON.
  2. Scroll down to the control panel on the left, and click Grade Center.
  3. From the options that expand, select Full Grade Center.

    a screenshot of the Grade Center drop down menu expanded with the Full Grade Center option selected
  4. Click the Icon Legend button, found at the bottom right of the grade cells.

    a screenshot of the Icon Legend button and its pop up menu


a screenshot of the User Unavailable icon
User Unavailable – student is no longer enrolled in class, and cannot see course content
a screenshot of the Column Not Visible to Users icon
Column Not Visible to Users  – column has been hidden from all students
a screenshot of the Completed icon
Completed – completion grade confirmation
a screenshot of the needs grading icon
Needs Grading  – a test or assignment that needs instructor action to finalize grading
a screenshot of the Override icon
Override – when an instructor overrides a grade that Blackboard calculated
a screenshot of the Attempt in Progress icon
Attempt in Progress  – the student is currently completing the assignment or exam
a screenshot of the External Grade icon
External Grade – designates which column is being used to feed into the Report Card module
a screenshot of the grade exempted icon
Grade Exempted for this User – instructor exempts a grade for student
a screenshot of the error icon
Error – error with the assignment, test, or discussion settings (possibly corrupt)
a screenshot of the not participating icon
Not Participating  – student is not participating in the Discussion or Group assignment
a screenshot of the anonymous grading icon
Anonymous Grading  is enabled for this item